Eat More Kale

Now that I am a vegetable farmer I have lots of great veggies at my disposal.  The frustrating part of this picture is that this organic farmer is so busy, harvesting, weeding, seeding and driving to market that I never have time to cook for myself. (the sole reason I became interested in farming)  Sadly,  instead of cooking the vegetables that I have spent so much time growing, lately Sheetz (our local gas station) has been my place of dining.  Sounds like the start to a joke... two organic farmers pull up to the drive in window at kentucky fried chicken/taco bell.... what do they order?  A.  Factory raised, antibody pumped chicken and chemically sprayed vegetable burritos.  UGH!

Well,  this past Saturday,  after market and one of the most grueling weeks so far I had the chance to have dinner with some other young farmers in the area.  I finally put my raw kale salad, that I had been telling people at market about, to the test .  Nothing like blind endorsement!  It is simple, seasonal and tasty.

Chiffonade (cut into thin ribbons) tender Tuscano Kale.  Toss with a mustard vinegrette (dijon mustard, sherry vinegar, and olive oil)  toss in some fresh sweet cherries, and toasted almonds and a stinky telagio inspired cheese from your local dairy.  Whoala, an organic farmer actually finds time to eat what he grew!

Another one of my favorite ways to cook kale is Tuscan Kale and Cannellini beans.

Saute diced spring onions, rosemary and red pepper flakes till onions are limp.  Add a little white wine.  Cook till jammy.  Next add kale that has been ripped off its stem.  Cook till it is cooked down.  Add cannalenni beans.  Finish off with grated parmesean cheese and crumbled bacon.

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Lane said...

I have just been introduced to kale, and love it as kale chips! So easy to make and super healthy. I'll explore kale more. Thanks for the post.