When the Urge Hits: The Tang of Spring

Lately I have been enjoying simple foods. I like something that taste great yet takes minimal effort to prepare. I want something that I can just have waiting in the fridge and eat when the urge arises: instant gratification- taking food porn to a new level!

Rather than keeping little-debbi nutty bars (from my youth) or other snack food, my go to instant gratification snack food has been a tangy sweet treat! At the farmer's market Kuhn's orchard has been bringing beautiful stalks of rhubarb. I take these green and red stalks cut them up and toss in melted raw butter from Painted Hand Farm and add 1/2 cup of sugar, a dusting of cayenne pepper and a tad of cinnamon. (fresh ginger and lemon juice are also good additions.)

I cook it over a medium flame until the rhubarb breaks down and makes a mushy jam. Then I put in a seal tight container and keep in the fridge.

Then when the urge hits me I pull out my rhubarb compote and a helping of Keswick Creamery yogurt and have a great indulgent snack!!

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